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Sanctioned Countries

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AEI-FATCA Client Self-Certification

What is self-certification of the AEI-FATCA status?

UBS is required to collect AEI-FATCA self-certification statements during the account opening process for all new accounts. New accounts will not be opened until UBS receives a valid self-certification.

For more information on AEI-FATCA, click here to visit the information page.

Entity Clients

Entity Self-Certification Form
Entity Self-Certification Form - Supporting Notes

Sample Forms
Sample 1 - Australian trust with individual trustee
Sample 2 - Australian trust with corporate trustee
Sample 3 - Australian passive company
Sample 4 - Australian active company
Sample 5 - Australian superannuation fund 

Individual Clients 

Individual Self-Certification Form
Individual Self-Certification Form - Supporting Notes

Sample Forms
Sample 6 - Individual Self-Certification Form