UBS Dividend Builders

Key Features


You are the beneficial owner of the underlying share.


Franking credits available to eligible investors.1

Purchase Price

The Purchase Price that you pay plus the Loan Amount that UBS lends to you are used to pay for the purchase of the underlying share and interest for the current Interest Period.

Your Cash

Once you have paid the Purchase Price you are not required to contribute more cash to maintain your Loan over the full term of the UBS Dividend Builders.


Ordinary Dividends from the underlying shares will be paid to you in cash under a UBS


Any future interest will be funded within the UBS Dividend Builders by periodic increases of the Loan. All or part of the interest paid should be tax deductible. Interest paid covers cost of Walkaway Feature as well.

Walkaway Feature

If the underlying share value is less than the Loan Amount at Maturity, the underlying shares will be transferred to UBS but you will not have to make any further payment to repay the Loan. This means you can borrow to invest withouut risk of defaulting on repayments.

Money at  risk

Your maximum potential loss from buying UBS Dividend Builders is known upfront and is limited to the Purchase Price you pay.


Superannuation fund investors can use UBS Dividend Builders as one of the few ways to borrow to invest in listed shares and ETFs.

Key Risks

Borrowing to invest carries risk, for example:

  • Leverage magnifies losses as well as gains
  • The underlying share price can go up or down
  • No capital protection – you can lose the entire Purchase Price paid
  • The Interest Rate may increase over time
  • Dividend income may be less than you expect
  • Tax laws may change
  • Early termination may occur at UBS's election on an Annual Interest Date or following certain Extraordinary Events
  • UBS and UBS Nominees Pty Ltd may default

For more information on these key risks, click here.


1See "Taxation Summary" in Part 8 of the Master PDS for more information on eligibility criteria.